Artbit DAO Club

Artbit DAO is the DAO community that connects real collectors around the world. 

$ArtbitDAO is an ERC-20 token, allowing NFT collectors to participate in curations and call for a vote for projects. Artbit DAO token also can use as proof of ownership of NFT to enter members-only auctions, events, and webinars.

Artbit DAO wants to build the art and NFT community for the secondary market by connecting collectors to showcase collections in the collectors’ inner circle. 

Artbit DAO community organizes art events, art curations, Metaverse, and educational webinars. 

Members can learn the latest trends and blockchain technology. 

Join art openings and meet others in person in local galleries and art spaces. 

Artbit podcast started in January 2021 and published 36 episodes, featuring entrepreneurs and interviews with startup founders and artists.



Artbit DAO Club podcast was released and launched on April 4, 2021. Currently. Artbit podcast published 32 episodes. 


Artbit DAO Club badge NFT was minted and listed on OpenSea on February 16, 2022. The existing collectors from Dubwoman’s OpenSea collection had received an airdrop of the NFT badges.


$ARTBIT DAO Token was published on March 25, 2022.  

Artbit DAO community launched in April 2022.


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